an open hard drive

The hard disk drive tutorials page

They are called "hard disk drive", sometimes more shortly "hard drive".
Is that their correct name? Probably it is, since many peoples consider them a "hard" matter to manage (and sometimes it drives them crazy...)

This page of links is intended to provide a quick reference for basic knowledge on hard disk drive technology and solution finder.
Tutorials about hard drives anatomy of a hard disk drive, from "Hardware Secrets" blog about hard drives and hard drive failures clear principles and definitions about hard disks how a hard disk works an accurate guide of disk drives, with wise suggestions a complete tutorial about disk drives history, file systems, performances... some funny myth about data recovery from hard drives how to make a simple wind chime out of hard drive components

The RAID technology
Links links about RAID

Manufacturers sites
Maxtor/Quantum hard disk heads detail
Western Digital
Novell Netware
IBM OS/2, OS/2 Warp
Sun Solaris

Hard disk drive recovery services data recovery U.S.A. and worldwide data recovery Italy
RAID recovery U.S.A. recovery of RAID arrays America data recovery Grenoble (France)